Saturday, July 28, 2007

lo-fi overdriven blues

Went to the Clubhouse Jager this evening with some friends to chuck some darts and have a few drinks. Now I haven't been there in a couple months, but the music especially on Fridays and Saturdays has always been pretty borderline (typically DJs playing disco, various eighties, and the like).

I have to say though that I was really surprised when I walked in. The group playing when I walked in was pretty good. Guitar and drums with a vocalist playing rough lofi blues rock a la Black Keys. After a few songs they were done and the next couple of groups confirmed my feeling about the music there, but then Wolf & MY Bad Self went on and WOW. It was the same guitar/drums duo but now the guitarist was singing and I liked them even more than the first combination.

They aren't breaking any new ground but are a good time. I would definitely recommend checking them out sometime. They apparently play monthly at Jitters and at the Jag so there you go.

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