Friday, July 27, 2007

Le Tour - Stage 18

Another day of recovery ahead of the Decisive TT by the peloton today.

a break that included Merckx, Lefèvre, Casar and Boogerd was able to stretch out to a 17 minute lead at one point before Casar took the stage ahead of Merckx 9 minutes ahead of the peloton. This after crashing into a dog earlier in the stage (what is with dogs and crashes this year?).

IN the bunch sprint for the remaining points Boonen once again took the top spot over Hunter and Zabel sealing up his lead even more. The perhaps big news of the stage was that the final sprint split the peloton and Evans gained 3" on Contador who was left in the second group (does this mean anything for the TT? hmmmmmmmm).

In more depressing news, is reporting that on the final mountain stage one of the jersey wearers tested positive in their doping control. The cast of characters includes Rasmussen, Contador, Soler, and Boonen. They are reporting that it is Soler and that the police have been at the Barloworld hotel.

After putting in such a string showing this is very depressing news indeed and will only go on to further undermine cycling in the world's view.

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