Sunday, July 08, 2007

Last week on the bike

despite my experience on the group ride and the heat this week it was a very good week on the bike.

I wasn't able to get out on Tuesday, but L & I rode about 20 miles on Wed morning. Was a good pretty fast ride until L hit a bump while eating her powerbar and dropped it. She had waited too long to eat and this did not help things. Oh well, we took it easy and got home fine without someone getting too crabby.

I was able to commute on Thu and Friday this week which was nice and add in my ride Thu night and rides both Sat and Sun and it was a hectic week.

Of course I won't be getting hardly any miles in this week due to a trip to chi-town thu-sun but week after it'll be back in the saddle hopefully with at least one group ride to show for it (and I better not flat on that one)

Weekly total - 81
Season total - 752

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