Sunday, July 08, 2007

Le Tour begins

Well Robbie McEwen did it again.

After a prologue that wasn't overly surprising except maybe for hope well Kloden did. He is the favorite in my book to win the tour this year. I just think that Vino will crack, as will Valverde in my mind. also as much as many on this side of the pond want him to, I just don't think Levi can pull it off.

I wouldn't mind seeing Evans or Moreau on top of the podium in the end, but I wouldn't put money on it. I think we'll have a better ides though after stage 8 or 9.

Meanwhile today's opening stage, wow. You would normally think that crashing and hurting your wrist 20km from the finish would rule you out for a stage win but Robbie showed why he is the favorite to win the green jersey in my mind today. I watched the highlights of the sprint finish and it was just sick how he accelerated past everyone like they were standing still. Unfortunately that included my main man Boonen who was also beaten to the line by Husholvd. With a mediocre Prologue, it's would take a lot for Boonen to get the yellow so I think he'll have to concentrate on stage wins and just surviving the second week.

Hopefully McEwen will be OK after his crash today as I would hate for something like that to take him out of contention for the green jersey.

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